Updates Include:

  • Well Redundancy Analysis: This allows the user to very conveniently drop a well or a combination of wells from the analysis and investigate the resultant impact.
  • Updated User Manual: http://gwsdat.net/gwsdat_manual. A fully comprehensive description of GWSDAT, updated for version 3.1.
  • Excel Add-in Menu: New Excel menu designed to be clearer to navigate and easier to install.
  • Custom Colour Key: ┬áIn response to user feedback, the latest version has the functionality to customise the colour key in the main GWSDAT spatial plot.
  • Updated branding: The Excel data input templates have been updated with more contemporary colour schemes.
  • Bug Fixes: Numerous bug fixes and enhancements. More robust data input procedures which report more thoroughly on any potential issues, e.g. missing data, incorrect units, etc.

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