Case study

GWSDAT Training Material in the Indonesian Language

Anggita Agustin

Hydrogeologist, Indonesia

Anggita Augustin is a hydrogeologist based in Indonesia, where she works for an international environmental consulting company.  Anggita had been introduced to GWSDAT in an earlier professional position in South Africa and she brought this experience with her to her new working environment, making use of GWSDAT in remediation projects in Indonesia.  She commented that:
“The ability of GWSDAT to analyse data and deliver real insights very quickly is a significant advantage when working on-site.  It gives excellent visualisations of the impact of remediation over time.”
Anggita was keen to promote the use of GWSDAT by others in Indonesia and training material has now been created in video form, in the Indonesian language, to support this.  This is based around a webinar held in May 2020, facilitated by the Geosoftware Community in Indonesia.  Around 120 people attended the seminar but by the end of 2020 around 1000 people had viewed the video training material.  Links are provided below.
Tutorial on Downloading and Installing the GWSDAT Software
Modeling Groundwater Contaminants with GWSDAT (material session)
Modelling Groundwater Contaminants with GWSDAT (Question and Answer session)